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Tom Brady Knighted “The Pancake Master”

The Pancake Master

Recently I saw a post on Instagram saying that Tom Brady is “The Pancake Master.” I thought “The Pancake Master?” That makes sense he’s one heck of a QB. Boston is a lucky town. Chicago would gladly switch quarterbacks in a heartbeat if they could. But this is an article about becoming “The Pancake Master” not football. Sorry, sometimes I collapse my NFL Football stories with making pancakes.

Luckily anyone can become “The Pancake Master” by learning to flip a pancakes with one hand.  Egg Cracker judges “The Pancake Master” by the pancake flip not the pancake batter. The first thing to know is that you can do this. I only use the spatula to get the pancake ready for flip mode. Making pancakes doesn’t require the Pancake Flip Gadget. For all other users the spatula can sometimes be replaced with a fork to get the pancake Flip ready. Flipping eggs has a similar technique that I’ll show in another post or video so stay tuned.

These are the steps to becoming “The Pancake Master”

• Be Tom Bradyesque – ready to go or call an audible.
• Get the correct pan hot and not too hot.
• Use Olive Oil or Grapeseed Oil not butter.
o Why? Because butter gives the cake a different texture on the outside and because butter has too much fat. Athlete mode.
o Olive Oil is a different kind of fat, I don’t know which one but it’s ok. The reason I use Grapeseed Oil is that it has a higher temperature to withstand burning.
o One con of Grapeseed Oil is that the Pancake doesn’t brown as nicely as Olive Oil.

Some Easy Steps to Drop Back and Flip it For Real

• Make sure Stoneground or Buckwheat Pancake mix is ready. Bisquick is too old school and fattening so don’t even bother.
• Cook Pancake and wait. Eat some pancakes at this time while no one is looking if your making multiple pancakes.
• When Pancake is ready to flip – work the pancake so that it can slide around in your pan. Once the pancake slides around hold your breath.
• Just kidding, this is where the fun goes to another level. Lower your hand quickly and wrist the flip out it.
• Tadaaaah! It will make you feel like you just tossed a TB Touchdown.
• Once you’ve performed this skill to perfection be ready to do a dance move in the end zone.
Enjoy. Check out video for further training and development below.

The Pancake Flip Video

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Egg Cracker
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