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Chef King and the Golden Rice Bowl

Golden Rice Bowl King

It was a raining day. I was going to the DMV to get my drivers licensed renewed in a new section of Southern Florida. The DMV looked like a madhouse with lines outside the door lucky for me I made an appointment. So I took care of business at the DMV and was suddenly famished. The area had some nasty food choices like Wendy’s, McDonald’s, or Denny’s.

So I took a chance and went to a nearby strip mall. My first choice that caught my eye was a Chinese restaurant. So I park my car and begin to walk to the restaurant. I stopped about 100 feet from the restaurant. It looked like a rundown trashy dump of a place. I walk away.

I go into a Jamaican restaurant to order some black beans and rice. Some staple food was necessary to get past the hungry moment. I ask the woman behind the counter for some black beans and rice. She tells me they don’t carry black beans. Instant red flag goes off in my head. “No Black beans?” I thanked her and make a quick exit. No black beans in a Jamaican restaurant is a crime and I should of called the cops.

On Second Thought

Once outside I took a deep breath to shake the culinary ugliness off of my face. I looked at the Chinese restaurant a second time and decided to roll the dice. This place looks like a dump. Once inside I knew something was up. The kitchen was right in front with one man at the helm. He wasn’t playing around. He was definitely part of the NFAC. (Not Fooling Around Club) I sat right in front row and watched a master of the culinary arts.

The Golden Rice Bowl was amazing. It was right out of the movie Blade Runner and a NYC photo shoot for some high fashion models. Although bringing a first date to this place is risky and wouldn’t recommend. This would be a great third date place. Here’s why because she’ll trust you enough to try something new and love you for it when she eats the food. Can I tell you that Chef King – that’s right Chef King is the nicest guy you’ll ever meet and can cook up iron chef style like nobody’s business. Forget that Iron Chef on TV stuff go see the real deal Holyfield.

Simply the Best

Everyone has something to share about this place and my experience of the Golden Rice Bowl is top notch. If your ever in Lauderdale Lakes, Florida go look them up. The guy next to me at my last visit has been going to this restaurant for the last 11 years. I know one thing for sure if I’m ever in Lauderdale Lakes visiting a wild wild west DMV again I’m for sure stopping at Golden Rice Bowl.

Egg Cracker
Egg Cracker
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