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Coffee House Plan

Starbucks vs Dunkin’ Donuts with Blockbuster Video

Back in June of 2011 I created a Business Plan for Dunkin’ Donuts & Starbucks Coffee House. It was for Blockbuster Video Corporation to partner with Starbucks or Dunkin’ Donuts to make Blockbuster Cafés. The reason for that is I really enjoyed coffee and going to my Blockbuster Video stores. Picking out a movie for the night was a tradition.  It was a community place for me and I wasn’t ready to let it go, ergo the Blockbuster Coffee Cafés. Since 2011 the Blockbuster Video stores have remained vacant in our community like modern ghost towns in the retail world.

Blockbuster Video Ghost TownBlockbuster Video

Everyone knows that Blockbuster Video we’re executives severely lacking in leadership. They refused to see the digital writing on the wall or any kind of writing on the wall. I mean all they had to do was throw a rock and hit a barn in order to survive digitally and I don’t think they thought a rock was important. Goliath and the Philistines were done in by the same type of rock. The rock lesson never changes only different players. Goliath salaries dictated closed minded thinking in 2004 with the Executive of Blockbuster Video Corporation getting paid 51 million dollars for the year. He’s traveling the world right now in a private jet or playing golf in an exclusive country club.

Dish Networks

So when Dish Networks took over Blockbuster Corporation I thought maybe my big idea of a Blockbuster Café could be realized but it hasn’t. Dish Network Executives don’t even know about my Blockbuster Café’ idea. Hello!!! It’s April 24, 2015 and Coffee is still going through the roof. Front page of Investor’s Business Daily – “Starbucks Revenue Soars…” In my opinion every company on the planet with a walk UP or IN retail space should have a Coffee Barista Section. COFFEE IS CASH! Humans love coffee.

Count the BEANS — COFFEE BEANS = Money. Let me spill the Beans. OK for all you Bean counters. This is my spring-bean idea. Three more bean quotes: Bean-brain, jelly bean and bean pole. Thank you.

This Café idea has been nagging me like Richard Dreyfus in “Close Encounters of the Third Kind” looking for the mountain — except my mountain is a business plan for Blockbuster Cafes. This is the reason behind the post. I have to get it off my back.

Ten ways to transform a Blockbuster Video store into a Blockbuster Café:

1. Blockbuster Corporation already spent the money on R & D to profile rich community / neighborhood locations. SO YOU DON’T HAVE TO SPEND THE MONEY TO FIND A GOOD LOCATION! Location – Location – Location!
a. Next level with location is a drive-thru opportunity. Drive-thru coffee offers awesome “on-the-street” an marketing program for locals.

2. All the shelf space is gone. Replace video dust jackets with 3 iPads with top-notch software. Customer sits down in lounge chair to make DVD rental selection.

a. Once a DVD movie is selected it prints up at Coffee Barista Bar.
b. Barista gets DVD in back room for customer.
c. All DVD’s are free with membership in Blockbuster Café.

3. All that open space in the store is for our Lounge, Meeting Area and Social Activities. This has a Private Country Club feel with chairs, sofas, and decorative designs.
a. 2 Private glass meeting rooms.
b. One corner of room is set up with mic, podium / directors chairs and 20 seats for book readings and signings.
c. Relaxing Lounge vibe.

4. Convert the checkout counter at Blockbuster into a coffee bar.
a. Selling high-end Specialty Coffee drinks.
b. Food is contemporary, healthy with protein shakes / smoothies.
c. Custom Vegan deserts.

5. Coffee roaster on premise.
a. Create roasting program for members.
b. Custom bean Logo on file for Members. Cost $5.

6. Create Fine Art and Print program for the walls. This is also connected to company Web site.

7. Store hours are 7AM till midnight.

8. Rooftop or private area Cigar / Smoking Section.

9. Films showing in standing area only.

Lastly, if the Café idea doesn’t work for you then Real Estate Investors or small retail business entrepreneurs should purchase these ghost towns in the retail strip mall world. – (Location, location, location!!).

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Egg Cracker
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