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May 6, 2015
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What Can Golf show Tom Brady about Integrity

What is Integrity to a Professional Football Player?

The PGA Players can show Tom Brady a thing or two about Integrity with Deflategate. First off every PGA Player and man wishes he could be Tom Brady. He is very easily the greatest QB of all time right next to Joe Montana. I think Brady can win 2 more Super Bowls by the way.

Tom Brady, his agent, lawyer Jeffrey Kessler and Mr. Kraft are preparing for war because Tom Brady is being suspended for four games in the 2016 season for Deflating Footballs which is against some rules. The Deflategate fiasco centers on text messages to New England Patriot Assistants and Tom Brady’s lack of cooperation. I’m still trying to figure out how a text messages can be sent to an assistant in the middle of a football game? (Text: “Deflate ball now, please.”) Do football players have cell phones on their persons during a football game? This should be against company SOP policies. Whatever, let’s put all this to the side because no one really cares. The only positive of this is the NFL is getting great press and the Patriots are going to win another Super Bowl because the Team plays in the Zone lead by fearless leadership.

The issue

Is the New England Patriots out of Integrity? And can the PGA show Tom Brady a thing or two? Sure. Enter the joke: Call your own penalties. The NFL isn’t designed around calling your own penalties. I’m being ridiculous. That’s why Roger Goodell has no chance in this battle of suspending Tom Brady 4 games. Another big reason is because Roger Goodell Integrity statement is off balance.


How can the NFL issue the same suspension of 4 Games for Tom Brady and have the same 4 game suspension for a NFL player that is charged with spousal abuse? I don’t believe you can. There is no place for spousal abuse in the NFL or in any workplace. Deflategate doesn’t deserve the same punishment as Spousal abuse or press coverage. Deflategate is stupid and we have to write about something. So let me keep the ball moving forward like Brady does so easily every Sunday. (update: Goodell did suspend Brady 4 games and Tom is now one game away from going to the Super Bowl.)

The solution is simple:

Tom Brady call your own penalty next time. Your QB ability or Hall of Fame standing is never at stake. I believe this is all just good marketing so let me go to my PGA theory. When a PGA players make mistakes they call their own penalty’s despite the cost. A missed cut by one stroke sucks. Get rewarded by doing the right thing. But it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do the right thing. #integrity
— James Hahn (@JamesHahnPGA) April 11, 2015

This is why Golf is one of the greatest sports on the planet. Can highly competitive players in any of the major sports call a penalty on themselves? That would be a strange world.

Tom Brady can easily figure out Deflategate – Win the Super Bowl!

He’s seems too been able to figure out everything else in his life. Super Bowl rings are the only thing soothing his temper beside a drop dead gorgeous wife and children. He can Super Bowl leadership at will while the NFL is tarnished with Concussions, Gridiron Greats, Spousal Abuse, and Murder convictions. With or without deflategate the NFL needs some serious leadership right now and Tom Brady can deliver it. Just remember you can still call your own penalties and end up a champion, just ask James Hahn.

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