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July 13, 2014
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July 15, 2014

This is a review about Michael Phelps book “No Limits.” If started out as a nudge article and now it’s a blurb review. Let me get started by saying, “this book is a splash.” Be inspired by the greatest Olympic Athlete ever. Know that it took a tremendous amount of time, dedication, and effort from Michael Phelps, his Mom, and countless others. This will be one of the most fascinating reads you’ll ever encounter. If you’re an athlete or someone that is playing a big game in life then the pages will turn faster than Michael Phelps at the end of 50 meters.

So it’s the 4th of July and you’re looking for a new book? “No Limits.” You can pick up a used copy on Amazon for 0.01. That’s right you can buy his book for One Penny! Plus shipping and handling which is 100 dollars. (Just kidding) If your son or daughter ever want to think about become a competitive swimmer than this book is a must read. Michael Phelps went through the meat grinder to become the greatest swimmer ever. I was captivated again by his talents through reading this book. The background information to each race and competitors inspired me to visit Youtube videos cover the races. Crazy. This book is a great underdog story. It’s a first-hand look into the legend. “No Limits” is the perfect patriotic inspiring empowering read for the 4th of July weekend. Dojo Chef is going with two thumbs up and a solute.

One excerpt from the book is from a Navy Seal that sent a text message to Michael Phelps just before his last Gold Medal race…Enjoy the weekend. Happy 4th of July! I hope this guy races again…

All right, brother man!! Last race!! This one is NOT for you….it’s for your fans, like me, who you inspire every day for the past six years…it’s for Bob and your Mom…for without them none of this would be possible…it’s for the United States…the best damn country on the face of the earth…it’s for history!! It’s for you making this sport what it is today!! It’s for all the people who talked smack and doubted you ever!!! It’s for being the best Olympic athlete ever to grace this planet!!! Go get ‘em!! Don’t hold back!!! You can do it, buddy!!! I’m so damn proud of ya!! Give ‘em helllllll!!!!!!

Michael Phelps

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