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April 3, 2016
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Basketball Legend Michael Jordan Speaks Up

Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan

Recently African American NBA Legend Michael Jordan broke his silence about the police shootings in communities. People were given the opportunity to respond to his comments through a social statement. (You Got 99 Words) I chose to use the (You Got 99 Words) as an opportunity to offer my idea. This is what I wrote.

Thank you Michael Jordan for speaking out, donating funds, and creating a shift. My idea is (fans respecting other fans) FROF – use it as a marketing tool to represent people respecting other people, police officers, sports teams… The idea is to give (humanity) a chance to learn and laugh about opposing fans. America needs a whole new approach to dealing with our hate. Hope this helps. All I know is if MJ puts in the effort to this situation like he did for his basketball career then this ignorance is removed from our planet in a month. Game On!

Fans Respecting Opposing Fans

Regardless if you think my idea sucks or is genius I wanted to take it a step further and follow up the response with a possible video to further the idea. Remember: FROF is Fans Respecting Opposing Fans. Which I think is a good place to start due to the backdrop of how certain fans feel toward other franchise fans. Like the San Francisco Giants fans vs Los Angeles Dodger Fans. If we can get these two baseball franchises to show respect for one another than maybe we can branch off into other areas of communities that exhibit no or little respect.

The mock example:

  1. Two Miami Dolphin fans walk up the stairs of Jets Stadium. It’s the hard core Jets Fan Section. The Jets are losing 34 – 0 in the second quarter.
  2. The two Dolphin fans have a boat load of food, beers, and smiles. They have the whole row to themselves.
  3. One Jet fan says, “Dolphin’s Suck.”
  4. Response from Dolphin Fan, “Not today.” He looks around and regrets saying this to a group of angry men.
  5. One of the Jet fan holds back his friend that said Dolphins suck. He pat’s his shoulders to say take it easy.
  6. Then we see another angry Jet fan makes a fist just as another Jet fan holds him back. He shakes his head as to say don’t bother.
  7. Lastly a man is reaching inside his jacket for a gun or a weapon and yet another Jet friend put’s his hand on his buddy’s arm. He shakes his head and whispers no.
  8. Just then a whole row of beautiful woman wearing Miami Dolphin jersey’s walk up the stairs of the stadium. They sit next to the right and left of the two guy’s that reserved the whole row.

A Jet fan in awe says: Every adversity, every heartache carries with it the seed of a greater benefit.

  1. The Miami Dolphin Fan say’s: “Hi guy’s I’m originally from New York with our Model Agency. This isn’t a prank. Would you mind mixing seats with the lady’s for a photo shoot? We will pay you for it of course.
  2. Jet’s fan: You’re “Beeep Beep” Me.

The tag line: You never know who someone is till you take the time to find out. So take the time to find out. FROF

By the way they’re still adding comments to (You Got 99 Words).


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