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Happy Martin Luther King Day!

This is a Martin Luther King Breakfast recipe to promote Civil Rights, Living the Dream, and Equality. I came up with this breakfast recipe because of an unusual conversation with a co-worker. It’s an awesome breakfast because I get to use Egg Cracker for another purpose.

Recently I’ve been expressing to people Happy Martin Luther King Day. One woman that I shared the compliment with had a fantastic story to tell me about her grandchild and how much fun they were going to have this upcoming Martin Luther King Day. I was happy for her.


So naturally at work on Monday I shared the compliment of “Happy Martin Luther King Day,” with a co-worker. His sarcastic response made me become sarcastic in an instant. My replay left him more sarcastic and me even over the top sarcastic till finally I left the conversation not so happy for Martin Luther King. My next thought was that I shouldn’t compliment people I work with about the Civil Rights leader because it’s inappropriate in 2015.

It was 47 years ago he was shot and it still isn’t enough time for people to heal. Then I thought no way, my co-worker is a little off. He wasn’t even born when Martin Luther King died. He has a good job, two sons and a loving wife. Yep he’s should be happy hearing Martin Luther King Day Compliments with graciousness. So I made him wrong for not accepting my compliment. Nobody cares. I hope he laughs out loud when I show him this blog. He might request for me to remove this post that’s why I’m not telling you his name: Glenn.

I hope one day Martin Luther King Day compliments will have no restrictions to it like St. Patrick’s Day. Compliments are always accepted on St. Patrick’s Day even in bad faith. In closing this Martin Luther King Breakfast Recipe promotes accepting all compliments for Non-Violence remembering a great leader. Every time you feel sarcastic about accepting compliments make this Non-Violent Breakfast Recipe.

Non-Violent Breakfast Recipe

  1. Use the Original Egg Cracker and crack two eggs Sunny Side Up. Dojo Chef recognizes that Martin Luther King always saw the Sunny Side of life for humans and his practice of Non-Violence ergo Sunny Side Up.
  2. Next make some Grits. I can’t think of person that showed more grit and determination than a person who is hit and doesn’t strike back. Non-Violence again. Martin Luther King is America’s Gandhi.
  3. Black Beans with a little Sour Cream on top or the bottom, you choose. Black beans because they’re super nutritious and represent the obvious. A little Sour Cream on top or bottom because of all the good work the Kennedy’s did with Martin Luther King. Bottom line is white people and black people can love each other and thrive. If you doubt me then ask Derek Jeter of the New York Yankees what he thinks.
  4. Red and Green Salsa for the Eggs. This is to represent the Latino’s of the world.
  5. Martin Luther King Jr. Breakfast
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