Fork in the Road for Lebron James

LeBron James is moving home to play in Cleveland. Some sad fans in Miami today. A lot of critics might be offended by this choice or idea. I say good luck. Because not everyone follows up on their idea or plan and I’m sure LeBron James has a pretty good plan. Luckily for me my plans aren’t scrutinized like a LeBron James Plan. Fact is people scrutinize. Heck they probably scrutinized the person that invented the fork. Look how long that idea has lasted. I love using the fork and to imagine someone taking grief over inventing it makes me shake my head.

Now who invented the Fork? The invention of the Fork has a mysterious beginning. Supposedly its formal introduction into the kitchen dining utensil department happened around the Roman Empire or maybe a little before in Ancient Greece according to Wikipedia. Who knows? Dojo Chef just wants to congratulate the genius that came up with it.

Why am I bringing this up? I often think about new ideas and the reaction people express when introduced to a “new” idea. One time growing up my Mom made Chicken Sausage. We laughed and looked at the Chicken Sausage like it was an alien from outer space. Sorry Mom for laughing because today I buy chicken sausage for pizza toppings, pasta, and BBQ.

Egg Cracker is getting the some of the same misunderstood reactions on the Web and it’s OK. Check out my last post “Egg Cracker helps Bring a Family Together.” If this family can use an Egg Cracker everyone can. Sometimes we have to keep moving forward despite the mud that is thrown. Keep following what you love doing. I’m sure the person that invented the fork heard a mouthful of laughter before finally being accepted by the community.

What foods do you enjoy eating with your hands? My pick is the apple.

Someone invented the Fork during the Roman Empire
Someone invented the Fork during the Roman Empire
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    • Thank you! I’m figuring it out and it can be like walking on egg shells at times.