Egg Cracker

New Egg Cracker Tool & Cool Kitchen Gadget

Egg Cracker tool is "the cutting edge" for Cracking Eggs. 

As an artist discovering the world I'm always creating something in the kitchen or in the studio. The great cooks of my life taught me so much and I'm forever thankful to my Mom, Grandma, and Aunts. They instilled recipes for great food, wisdom and how to enjoy life. Egg Cracker is a result of this upbringing and performs it's function of cracking eggs with fast effective efficiency.

How Egg Cracker was created? One morning while making breakfast I cracked an egg on the side of the pan. Two things happened:

  1. I broke the yolk.
  2. I made a mess all over the stove.

Talk about a kicked in the pants till an idea took shape. The first thing I discovered was I had broken 5 out of a dozen yolks in the past week. And then the Aha moment hit me. I asked the question: What if I could create a device for cracking an uncooked egg perfectly every time? No mess and the yolk doesn't break? The rest was history.

Through the years Egg Cracker has evolved. Today we're more interested in caring for Animal Rights and Organic Products than selling as many Egg Crackers as possible. Why? Because Ecological Harmony is important. The mistreatment of hens has forced us to stop pushing for mass quantity. Now it's time to support farms and organizations that follow the guidelines of the USDA National Organic Standards Board. When they succeed we'll reevaluate our position.

At Egg Cracker it's not all serious. We love coming up with all kinds of new and crazy ideas. Sometime we share them in a post on our blog "The Cutting Edge" so be sure to check a few of them out. Thank you for visiting Egg Cracker.