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Egg Cracker Amazon Review Best and Worst

Reviews are Love and Hate

When I started Egg Cracker in 2006 no one was selling Egg Crackers. Since then EZ Cracker is in the game, Egg Cracker Minecraft is showing up, Egg Cracker Machine, Egg Cracker Topper, all sorts of devices and tools for cracking eggs. So I decided to post my Best and Worst Amazon Reviews of Egg Cracker.

The Best Review

I have a 11 year old who is severely mentally retarded. He loves to cook, but cracking an egg proves to be difficult for him to master. I bought this egg cracker so that he can learn to crack an egg. I looked on Amazon for various egg crackers and find this one to make the most sense, so I gave it a try.

It worked! After a few initial failed attempts (hit too gentle and the egg didn’t crack, hit too hard and it totally fell apart), my son is cracking eggs reasonably well such that I can let him do the cracking all by himself. So now when I need to make scrambled eggs, I just call my son over and he takes care of the cracking. Very nice to see him gain another skill!

My 6 year old with normal IQ has no trouble learning to use this egg cracker to crack eggs.

Now me, I’ve never had trouble cracking eggs, but now that I have this gadget, I never crack an egg without it! It does crack it much nicer. I do a lot of cooking and use it daily. You always need eggs, not just for scrambling, but also for cakes, pancakes, waffles, stir fried rice, kids’ breakfast — I’m cracking eggs all the time! You can crack eggs without the egg cracker, but this makes it so much nicer and neater. The egg yolk almost guaranteed to stay intact. It’s just a better and cooler way to crack eggs.

The clean up is a breeze. You can give it a quick rinse, but I just throw it in the dishwasher every night. Comes out spotless.

My husband at first made fun of “needing a gadget just to crack an egg,” but now I find him looking for the egg cracker whenever he needs to do it. It’s just nicer, you see? My whole family use this thing. It’s inexpensive, it’s never going to break (there’s no breakable part), it takes little space, and it’s easy to clean. Everybody who ever cracks eggs should get one!

The Worst:

This was an expensive waste of money .Sure it works just like the the edge of a pan or pot.

Both reviews are appreciated. Egg Cracker is discovered. Egg Cracker is for the whole family. Kiyah!!!

Egg Cracker
Egg Cracker
I'm a person who likes problem solving, outdoor music festivals, and cooking. I made the first original Egg Cracker in 2006. The prototype was from clay and the rest is history. Since then I've been having a ball cracking eggs. It's super easy and I no longer make a mess on my stove top or side of the pan. I can't tell you how many people, friends and family enjoy using it. Don't be shy. Go for it and purchase an Egg Cracker. It only takes one to dominate the Cracking of Eggs.

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