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Chicago Bartender Stops Hiccups in 20 Seconds!!!

Stop Hiccups in 20 Seconds

What’s Crackin? This is my proven method, with 100% effectiveness for eliminating hiccups. I’ve never NOT cured my hiccups with this method and I’m about to describe it. I can only speak from my own experience. This post is not for the person with the incurable hiccup problem. I’m talking about the average hiccup person, me.

The first full proof method for getting rid of the hiccups had to be created in the Stone Age with holding your breath. Sure it worked for a while till 1830 when Jerry Thomas started bartending. It was the bartenders that deserve all the credit for curing the hiccups. Everyone should know that if you have two first names as your whole name than you’re bound to be famous. Jerry Thomas is one such individual.

Thanks to the bartender we have a few more un-noteworthy and enjoyable solutions for curing hiccups.

Other ways to Stop the Hiccups

1. Drink a glass of water upside down from the top lip of the glass.
2. Blow up a paper bag.
3. Blow up a 60 gallon plastic garbage bag.
4. Pour a cup of ice water down the back of your shirt.
5. Gargle red or white wine.
6. Jägermeister shots. (My favorite method never worked.)
7. Take a punch to the arm or stomach when not looking.
8. Count backwards or spell the alphabet while thinking about your big toe.

The perfect answer was recommended to me from a bartender at Alumni Club on Chicago’s famous Rush Street.

Hiccup Remedy

Take a lime and douse it with Angostura bitters. Chew the whole lime and spit out the rind. Give it 20 seconds and you’ll be set. If it doesn’t work the first time use more bitters or a fresher lime. It has not failed for me yet. Boo-yah


How you doin?

How you doin?

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