PNS Farms are the Champs of Eggs

Socrates said, “The Unexamined life is not worth living.”

The Unexamined Egg is not worth eating.

When starting the project of Egg Cracker I would never have thought how far the rabbit hole would go with EGGS. It’s allowed me to keep investigating on a small scale into an industry that used to have little or no interest to me. My thoughts prior to Egg Cracker were Eggs are Eggs, eat them and go to work. In my opinion after studying the egg industry for the past five years is that it’s a racket of inhumane farming practices and catchy names that cover up the high demand for eggs.

I love eating eggs so what is an egg lover to do. Luckily for me I’ve stumbled onto PNS Farms and Alice Pena. She represents the Reigning Champion of Egg farming. Because of her stand to deliver high quality eggs I’ve been introduced to the stamp Pasture Raised and Animal Welfare Approved. They will be my next two new areas of focus to promote high quality farm practices.

PNS Farms

They have a waiting list for their EGGS. The hens die from natural causes on her farm. I pay $8.99 for a dozen of PNS eggs or another way of looking at it is you can buy two Starbucks Frappaccino’s for the same price. The restaurant Michaels Genuine Food in Miami procures their EGGS from PNS farms. To give you an idea of Michaels Genuine Food, this establishment promotes high quality farm food to table for guests. I have only eaten their once and can’t say much about it. I only remember enjoying my lunch with a friend and the place was busy.

Cage Free Eggs

Couple of things to consider, if you’re buying Cage Free eggs start looking for another label. When I first bought Cage Free eggs I thought I was getting a great egg. It turns out the label Cage Free is a little misleading. Can you blame them? Every business has to make profits to keep the doors open. Most large egg hatchery’s that sell to major retail food chains like WalMart, Publix, Jewel, Domanick’s, or Food4Less have to feed the demand of EGGS. So that mean hens have to suffer our demand for eggs by living in a packed cages or cramped open pens, shorten life span, no sunlight, and snapped beaks to stop from killing one another.

Local Breakfast House

How about those eggs at your local Breakfast House? Not too many places spend the extra money for quality Pasture Raised eggs. Not a chance. More than likely they buy the cheapest EGGS from Sysco. (Sysco Corporation is involved in marketing and distributing food products to restaurants, healthcare and educational facilities, hotels and inns, and other foodservice and hospitality.) Gotta keep the Cost of Goods Sold down and keep the doors open!

Here’s how it works for Batter Caged Hens vs Cage Free Hens:


Battery Hens – Take hens and stuff them in a cage. This is (What’s Crackin) in the United States. A herculean amount of eggs are produced this way.
Nobel Prize winner Dr. Konrad Lorenz, said:
The worst torture to which a battery hen is exposed is the inability to retire somewhere for the laying act. For the person who knows something about animals it is truly heart-rending to watch how a chicken tries again and again to crawl beneath her fellow cagemates to search there in vain for cover.

Cage Free Hens – Open up the cages.
Stuff more hens into a pen or open space with a small box for them to go outside that is bottlenecked.
1. 24 hours a day of lighting to produce more eggs and shorter life span.
2. Snap beaks to stop fighting for space.
3. Eat decrement on floor of other hens.

Cage Free is not so free
These are the eggs consumed by most of America.

What is weird to me is the world doesn’t have the same view of eggs or hens. In Europe eggs are not put in the refrigerator section of the grocery store or markets. That’s because Europe recognizes that EGGS produce a natural protectant around the EGG and they’ve spent the money to immunize the hens from Salmonella. In the United States they’re required to wash the EGGs and remove the natural protectant or film from the EGG. I have no idea who’s correct America or Europe? When in the states refrigerate and when in Europe buy from store and refrigerate.

In Conclusion
The key for me is quality eggs from a quality farm like PNS. Take your time and spend 5 minutes of your day researching the eggs of your local farmer or market that provides hens with a quality life that is worth your consumption. We are what we eat and a healthy egg can go a long way.

It takes a Village for the Leopard

A Leopard Trapped in a 60 Foot Well.

It took a village to rescue the Leopard. Made me think of the proverb, “It takes a village?” Fortune 500 companies have taking this proverb and associating “It takes a village,” as a way to communicating teamwork and culture. Same as Hillary Clinton’s publisher used in her book title, “It takes a village.” Yet the full African Proverb is “It takes a village to raise a child.” Now I don’t know if this ancient African proverb “It takes a village to raise a child,” works for you but it sounds like a pretty good proverb to me.

In this video you will see an example of “It takes a village,” in action. My congratulations to villagers of Junnar, Maharashtra. You did an awesome job of filming and saving this Leopards life. Not only that the professionals at Wildlife SOS were used.

Spoiler Alert

The Leopard is rescued. Watch the video below and see first-hand of the “It takes a village,” principle and the ways of the Leopard.

What makes this video so interesting is that humans can be like this Leopard. Only I want to use the 60 foot trap as a metaphor that we create in our minds. Our thoughts make mountains out of molehills. Or if forget the metaphor maybe you’re really trapped in a 60 foot well. The bottom line is no one gets out of life without facing some kind of trouble. It can range from bankruptcy, addictions, or just looking for work. The thing to remember is when riding the rainbows of success it’s easy to respond to difficulties. Only when the chips are down or you’re stuck in a 60 foot trap like the Leopard is how we can make the difference with our lives.


So what do we do when trapped, alone, and desperate? Are you struggling in a financial situation, job search, or looking for that new business or personal relationship? This Leopard rescue is just a metaphor for another way to look at life. It’s the purpose of me sharing this blog post.

The Way of the Leopard

First: (Stay Calm) Notice how the Leopard was calm. It wasn’t splashing about, tearing the place up, or acting the fool. It didn’t ask for sleeping pills. Yes the Leopard was scared and in a state of panic according to Dr Ajay Deshmukh of the Leopard rescue center but it didn’t show it. Not like I do when wanting to find my cell phone.


Second: (Teamwork) I saw a team (village) of people around the Leopard. Made me think the world doesn’t conspire against me but for me. It was the Team / Village pulling to free the Leopard out of a trap. I saw the wisdom in building teams and teamwork. Are you using Teams and Teamwork in your situation? Like right now what is your 60 foot trap today? Do you know if you have a 60 foot trap in your life? Once you’ve signaled out your 60 foot trap look to see what team is supporting you. If you don’t have a team then get a team.

For example if you are looking for employment and don’t have a team then check register on one with  

Third: (Stop resisting) The way of the Leopard was awesome when help arrived at its level. The Leopard checked the gate, the box, and the material by biting and clawing. Is this a reliable escape structure? Was the escape box structure dangerous? The bit or claw proved it was safe. And in a way the Leopard tested what was being presented. Because when you’re in a trap or down and out some times a scallywag or two could show up.


The great thing I saw about this Leopard was how fast it gave up fighting the escape box structure and trusted what was happening. Made me think….What am I resisting? What am I biting at or clawing at? Have I given up resisting the very thing that solves my problem? Furthermore a Team of people are working with me not against me even though I might not be related to the team like the wild cat is not related to humans. All together I resist a solution to a problem because I have an attachment as to how the solution to my problem should look? So I want to tell myself to stop resisting the solution right in front of my face.

No Judgement

Four:  The Leopard never makes itself wrong about being in the trap. To me it looked as if the Leopard didn’t care what the other animals thought of it for being in the trap. It could care less of the humans staring at it. The cat to me showed No judgement or Self-blame. It was just a beautiful Leopard in a 60 foot trap waiting for the opportune moment.

Are you currently in a 60 foot trap? Are you making yourself wrong for being in the trap? In conclusion take on the way of the Leopard.

Michael Jordan Broke His Silence

Basketball Legend Michael Jordan Speaks Up

Michael Jordan
Michael Jordan

Recently African American NBA Legend Michael Jordan broke his silence about the police shootings in communities. People were given the opportunity to respond to his comments through a social statement. (You Got 99 Words) I chose to use the (You Got 99 Words) as an opportunity to offer my idea. This is what I wrote.

Thank you Michael Jordan for speaking out, donating funds, and creating a shift. My idea is (fans respecting other fans) FROF – use it as a marketing tool to represent people respecting other people, police officers, sports teams… The idea is to give (humanity) a chance to learn and laugh about opposing fans. America needs a whole new approach to dealing with our hate. Hope this helps. All I know is if MJ puts in the effort to this situation like he did for his basketball career then this ignorance is removed from our planet in a month. Game On!

Fans Respecting Opposing Fans

Regardless if you think my idea sucks or is genius I wanted to take it a step further and follow up the response with a possible video to further the idea. Remember: FROF is Fans Respecting Opposing Fans. Which I think is a good place to start due to the backdrop of how certain fans feel toward other franchise fans. Like the San Francisco Giants fans vs Los Angeles Dodger Fans. If we can get these two baseball franchises to show respect for one another than maybe we can branch off into other areas of communities that exhibit no or little respect.

The mock example:

  1. Two Miami Dolphin fans walk up the stairs of Jets Stadium. It’s the hard core Jets Fan Section. The Jets are losing 34 – 0 in the second quarter.
  2. The two Dolphin fans have a boat load of food, beers, and smiles. They have the whole row to themselves.
  3. One Jet fan says, “Dolphin’s Suck.”
  4. Response from Dolphin Fan, “Not today.” He looks around and regrets saying this to a group of angry men.
  5. One of the Jet fan holds back his friend that said Dolphins suck. He pat’s his shoulders to say take it easy.
  6. Then we see another angry Jet fan makes a fist just as another Jet fan holds him back. He shakes his head as to say don’t bother.
  7. Lastly a man is reaching inside his jacket for a gun or a weapon and yet another Jet friend put’s his hand on his buddy’s arm. He shakes his head and whispers no.
  8. Just then a whole row of beautiful woman wearing Miami Dolphin jersey’s walk up the stairs of the stadium. They sit next to the right and left of the two guy’s that reserved the whole row.

A Jet fan in awe says: Every adversity, every heartache carries with it the seed of a greater benefit.

  1. The Miami Dolphin Fan say’s: “Hi guy’s I’m originally from New York with our Model Agency. This isn’t a prank. Would you mind mixing seats with the lady’s for a photo shoot? We will pay you for it of course.
  2. Jet’s fan: You’re “Beeep Beep” Me.

The tag line: You never know who someone is till you take the time to find out. So take the time to find out. FROF

By the way they’re still adding comments to (You Got 99 Words).


Things to Consider To Build Your Own Small & Large Chicken Coop

Things to Consider To Build Your Own Small & Large Chicken Coop

Chickens Have Been Raised in a Chicken Coop for Eggs for Centuries

Before starting to raise chickens it’s crucial to know some rules made by the local authorities for using a chicken coop. It is must to follow the rules otherwise you may run the risk of prosecution. One of the main concerns for raising chickens in your home is to decide:

  • whether you want to hatch chickens,
  • be responsible to raise the baby chicks or
  • buy the proper equipment for a chicken coop.

For the new chicken raisers, it would be better to buy the ready to lay chickens. They’re not much vulnerable as the baby chicks and have the ability to survive through the abnormal conditions. The next step is to build the chicken coop. Though you can buy the one from the market, but if you want to save your money then build the coop yourself.

Small & Large Chicken Coop

It is not difficult to build the coop and if you are not aware of the process. You can take guidance from the internet or any professional chicken raiser. Further, it depends on the purpose that how many chickens you should raise. For instance having eggs for home then 2-4 chickens are enough. If you want to run the business than the numbers can be increased according to your budget. The available space is what you want to be evaluating.

Feeding the chickens is a most considerable task. The quality of eggs depends directly on the food.  The more variety of food will lead to  great egg taste. You can feed the chickens with all your kitchen scraps. Get surprised when chickens eat all the left overs in your kitchen. The scraps you feed them transforms a hen into an effective fertilizers / Recycler.

Depending on the quality of food, egg farming can be divided into two main categories:

  1. organic egg farming and
  2. non-organic egg farming.

Organic egg farming is by raising chickens and production of eggs through organic means. Standards defined by Humane Animal Farm Care require clean organic egg conditions maintained.

  • Feed the poultry with organic feed. Use the byproducts for feeding the poultry.
  • Don’t use any anti-biotic. The only exception allowed is with the case of an infectious outbreak.
  • In the organic egg farming, the farmers should give the outdoor access to the laying hens. Don’t keep hens caged in coops for a long time. If you are not able to give totally outside exposure to hens then build small porches attached to the chicken coops.
  • Molting enhances egg production. Natural molt is for organic chickens.

If the organic farmers disregard any of the rules mentioned by Humane Animal Farm Care then they may lose the certification for the organic production of the eggs.

Chef King and the Golden Rice Bowl

Golden Rice Bowl King

It was a raining day. I was going to the DMV to get my drivers licensed renewed in a new section of Southern Florida. The DMV looked like a madhouse with lines outside the door lucky for me I made an appointment. So I took care of business at the DMV and was suddenly famished. The area had some nasty food choices like Wendy’s, McDonald’s, or Denny’s.

So I took a chance and went to a nearby strip mall. My first choice that caught my eye was a Chinese restaurant. So I park my car and begin to walk to the restaurant. I stopped about 100 feet from the restaurant. It looked like a rundown trashy dump of a place. I walk away.

I go into a Jamaican restaurant to order some black beans and rice. Some staple food was necessary to get past the hungry moment. I ask the woman behind the counter for some black beans and rice. She tells me they don’t carry black beans. Instant red flag goes off in my head. “No Black beans?” I thanked her and make a quick exit. No black beans in a Jamaican restaurant is a crime and I should of called the cops.

On Second Thought

Once outside I took a deep breath to shake the culinary ugliness off of my face. I looked at the Chinese restaurant a second time and decided to roll the dice. This place looks like a dump. Once inside I knew something was up. The kitchen was right in front with one man at the helm. He wasn’t playing around. He was definitely part of the NFAC. (Not Fooling Around Club) I sat right in front row and watched a master of the culinary arts.

The Golden Rice Bowl was amazing. It was right out of the movie Blade Runner and a NYC photo shoot for some high fashion models. Although bringing a first date to this place is risky and wouldn’t recommend. This would be a great third date place. Here’s why because she’ll trust you enough to try something new and love you for it when she eats the food. Can I tell you that Chef King – that’s right Chef King is the nicest guy you’ll ever meet and can cook up iron chef style like nobody’s business. Forget that Iron Chef on TV stuff go see the real deal Holyfield.

Simply the Best

Everyone has something to share about this place and my experience of the Golden Rice Bowl is top notch. If your ever in Lauderdale Lakes, Florida go look them up. The guy next to me at my last visit has been going to this restaurant for the last 11 years. I know one thing for sure if I’m ever in Lauderdale Lakes visiting a wild wild west DMV again I’m for sure stopping at Golden Rice Bowl.

Abraham Lincoln January 1, 1863 Mic drop

Sorry Google it’s my 10th Year Anniversary for Egg Cracker So I’m doing it wrong…

It’s my 10th year anniversary of creating Egg Cracker. I’m commemorating it with a post for my favorite President Abraham Lincoln. My keyword density sucks, no meta tags, and my keyword focus is the pits. Yoast is going nuts. Reminds me of a Tony Montana line: “All I have is my word and my balls.” (Abraham Lincoln didn’t say this and he easily could in a Tony Montana accent.)  I want to thank all the people that have supported me over the years and have purchased Egg Crackers. Thank you.

This year has me think of the 16th President of the United States Abraham Lincoln. In my opinion he’s the greatest American President of all time. It’s wild to think about what he was dealing with on January 1, 1863.

On January 1, 1863

Abraham Lincoln had the epic release party for the Emancipation Proclamation. They thought he was crazy for the idea of freeing the slaves. It was considered Ludacris (Luda!). No way. Even Lincoln’s friend Orville H. Browning said Lincolns Emancipation Proclamation, “is fraught with evil, and evil only.” The weight of freeing the slaves in America was heavily talked about and viewed by the world. I look back at the idea of slaves and really can’t imagine this type of thinking. Yet it happened and it was real. I shake my head and look at awe on Lincolns Stand in the face of no agreement. This is true leadership.

Lincoln’s Mic Drop moment: (taken from Carl Sandberg’s Abraham Lincoln biography) On the table a broad sheet was spread out before him. He dipped his pen in an inkstand while the pen was held in the air over the paper, he hesitated, looked around, and said; “I never, in my life, felt more certain that I was doing right, then I do in signing this paper. But I have been receiving calls and shaking hands since nine o’clock this morning, till my arm is stiff and numb. Now this signature is one that will be closely examined, and if they find my hand trembled they will say, ‘he had some compunctions.’ But anyway, it is going to be done.”

Abraham Lincoln
Transcription of the January 1, 1863 document.

By the President of the United States of America:

A Proclamation.

Whereas, on the 22nd day of September, in the year of our Lord 1862, a proclamation was issued by the President of the United States, containing, among other things, the following, to wit:
“That on the first day of January, in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and sixty-three, all persons held as slaves within any State or designated part of a State, the people whereof shall then be in rebellion against the United States, shall be then, thenceforward, and forever free; and the Executive Government of the United States, including the military and naval authority thereof, will recognize and maintain the freedom of such persons, and will do no act or acts to repress such persons, or any of them, in any efforts they may make for their actual freedom.
“That the Executive will, on the first day of January aforesaid, by proclamation, designate the States and parts of States, if any, in which the people thereof, respectively, shall then be in rebellion against the United States; and the fact that any State, or the people thereof, shall on that day be, in good faith, represented in the Congress of the United States by members chosen thereto at elections wherein a majority of the qualified voters of such State shall have participated, shall, in the absence of strong countervailing testimony, be deemed conclusive evidence that such State, and the people thereof, are not then in rebellion against the United States.”

Now, therefore I, Abraham Lincoln, President of the United States,

by virtue of the power in me vested as Commander-in-Chief, of the Army and Navy of the United States in time of actual armed rebellion against the authority and government of the United States, and as a fit and necessary war measure for suppressing said rebellion, do, on this first day of January, in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and sixty-three, and in accordance with my purpose so to do publicly proclaimed for the full period of one hundred days, from the day first above mentioned, order and designate as the States and parts of States wherein the people thereof respectively, are this day in rebellion against the United States, the following, to wit:
Arkansas, Texas…..and Norfolk, including the cities of Norfolk and Portsmouth[)], and which excepted parts, are for the present, left precisely as if this proclamation were not issued.
By virtue of the power, and for the purpose aforesaid, I do order and declare that all persons held as slaves within said designated States, and parts of States, are, and henceforward shall be free. That the Executive government of the United States, including the military and naval authorities thereof, will recognize and maintain the freedom of said persons.

And I hereby enjoin upon the people so declared to be free to abstain from all violence,

unless in necessary self-defence; I recommend to them that, in all cases when allowed, they labor faithfully for reasonable wages.
I further declare and make known, that such persons of suitable condition, will be received into the armed service of the United States. To garrison forts, positions, stations, and other places, and to man vessels of all sorts in said service.
And upon this act, sincerely believed to be an act of justice, warranted by the Constitution, upon military necessity, I invoke the considerate judgment of mankind, and the gracious favor of Almighty God.
In witness whereof, I have hereunto set my hand and caused the seal of the United States to be affixed.
Done at the City of Washington, this first day of January, in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and sixty three, and of the Independence of the United States of America the eighty-seventh.
By the President: ABRAHAM LINCOLN
WILLIAM H. SEWARD, Secretary of State.

What Can Golf show Tom Brady about Integrity

What is Integrity to a Professional Football Player?

The PGA Players can show Tom Brady a thing or two about Integrity with Deflategate. First off every PGA Player and man wishes he could be Tom Brady. He is very easily the greatest QB of all time right next to Joe Montana. I think Brady can win 2 more Super Bowls by the way.

Tom Brady, his agent, lawyer Jeffrey Kessler and Mr. Kraft are preparing for war because Tom Brady is being suspended for four games in the 2016 season for Deflating Footballs which is against some rules. The Deflategate fiasco centers on text messages to New England Patriot Assistants and Tom Brady’s lack of cooperation. I’m still trying to figure out how a text messages can be sent to an assistant in the middle of a football game? (Text: “Deflate ball now, please.”) Do football players have cell phones on their persons during a football game? This should be against company SOP policies. Whatever, let’s put all this to the side because no one really cares. The only positive of this is the NFL is getting great press and the Patriots are going to win another Super Bowl because the Team plays in the Zone lead by fearless leadership.

The issue

Is the New England Patriots out of Integrity? And can the PGA show Tom Brady a thing or two? Sure. Enter the joke: Call your own penalties. The NFL isn’t designed around calling your own penalties. I’m being ridiculous. That’s why Roger Goodell has no chance in this battle of suspending Tom Brady 4 games. Another big reason is because Roger Goodell Integrity statement is off balance.


How can the NFL issue the same suspension of 4 Games for Tom Brady and have the same 4 game suspension for a NFL player that is charged with spousal abuse? I don’t believe you can. There is no place for spousal abuse in the NFL or in any workplace. Deflategate doesn’t deserve the same punishment as Spousal abuse or press coverage. Deflategate is stupid and we have to write about something. So let me keep the ball moving forward like Brady does so easily every Sunday. (update: Goodell did suspend Brady 4 games and Tom is now one game away from going to the Super Bowl.)

The solution is simple:

Tom Brady call your own penalty next time. Your QB ability or Hall of Fame standing is never at stake. I believe this is all just good marketing so let me go to my PGA theory. When a PGA players make mistakes they call their own penalty’s despite the cost. A missed cut by one stroke sucks. Get rewarded by doing the right thing. But it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do the right thing. #integrity
— James Hahn (@JamesHahnPGA) April 11, 2015

This is why Golf is one of the greatest sports on the planet. Can highly competitive players in any of the major sports call a penalty on themselves? That would be a strange world.

Tom Brady can easily figure out Deflategate – Win the Super Bowl!

He’s seems too been able to figure out everything else in his life. Super Bowl rings are the only thing soothing his temper beside a drop dead gorgeous wife and children. He can Super Bowl leadership at will while the NFL is tarnished with Concussions, Gridiron Greats, Spousal Abuse, and Murder convictions. With or without deflategate the NFL needs some serious leadership right now and Tom Brady can deliver it. Just remember you can still call your own penalties and end up a champion, just ask James Hahn.


James Hahn

Coffee House Plan

Starbucks vs Dunkin’ Donuts with Blockbuster Video

Back in June of 2011 I created a Business Plan for Dunkin’ Donuts & Starbucks Coffee House. It was for Blockbuster Video Corporation to partner with Starbucks or Dunkin’ Donuts to make Blockbuster Cafés. The reason for that is I really enjoyed coffee and going to my Blockbuster Video stores. Picking out a movie for the night was a tradition.  It was a community place for me and I wasn’t ready to let it go, ergo the Blockbuster Coffee Cafés. Since 2011 the Blockbuster Video stores have remained vacant in our community like modern ghost towns in the retail world.

Blockbuster Video Ghost TownBlockbuster Video

Everyone knows that Blockbuster Video we’re executives severely lacking in leadership. They refused to see the digital writing on the wall or any kind of writing on the wall. I mean all they had to do was throw a rock and hit a barn in order to survive digitally and I don’t think they thought a rock was important. Goliath and the Philistines were done in by the same type of rock. The rock lesson never changes only different players. Goliath salaries dictated closed minded thinking in 2004 with the Executive of Blockbuster Video Corporation getting paid 51 million dollars for the year. He’s traveling the world right now in a private jet or playing golf in an exclusive country club.

Dish Networks

So when Dish Networks took over Blockbuster Corporation I thought maybe my big idea of a Blockbuster Café could be realized but it hasn’t. Dish Network Executives don’t even know about my Blockbuster Café’ idea. Hello!!! It’s April 24, 2015 and Coffee is still going through the roof. Front page of Investor’s Business Daily – “Starbucks Revenue Soars…” In my opinion every company on the planet with a walk UP or IN retail space should have a Coffee Barista Section. COFFEE IS CASH! Humans love coffee.

Count the BEANS — COFFEE BEANS = Money. Let me spill the Beans. OK for all you Bean counters. This is my spring-bean idea. Three more bean quotes: Bean-brain, jelly bean and bean pole. Thank you.

This Café idea has been nagging me like Richard Dreyfus in “Close Encounters of the Third Kind” looking for the mountain — except my mountain is a business plan for Blockbuster Cafes. This is the reason behind the post. I have to get it off my back.

Ten ways to transform a Blockbuster Video store into a Blockbuster Café:

1. Blockbuster Corporation already spent the money on R & D to profile rich community / neighborhood locations. SO YOU DON’T HAVE TO SPEND THE MONEY TO FIND A GOOD LOCATION! Location – Location – Location!
a. Next level with location is a drive-thru opportunity. Drive-thru coffee offers awesome “on-the-street” an marketing program for locals.

2. All the shelf space is gone. Replace video dust jackets with 3 iPads with top-notch software. Customer sits down in lounge chair to make DVD rental selection.

a. Once a DVD movie is selected it prints up at Coffee Barista Bar.
b. Barista gets DVD in back room for customer.
c. All DVD’s are free with membership in Blockbuster Café.

3. All that open space in the store is for our Lounge, Meeting Area and Social Activities. This has a Private Country Club feel with chairs, sofas, and decorative designs.
a. 2 Private glass meeting rooms.
b. One corner of room is set up with mic, podium / directors chairs and 20 seats for book readings and signings.
c. Relaxing Lounge vibe.

4. Convert the checkout counter at Blockbuster into a coffee bar.
a. Selling high-end Specialty Coffee drinks.
b. Food is contemporary, healthy with protein shakes / smoothies.
c. Custom Vegan deserts.

5. Coffee roaster on premise.
a. Create roasting program for members.
b. Custom bean Logo on file for Members. Cost $5.

6. Create Fine Art and Print program for the walls. This is also connected to company Web site.

7. Store hours are 7AM till midnight.

8. Rooftop or private area Cigar / Smoking Section.

9. Films showing in standing area only.

Lastly, if the Café idea doesn’t work for you then Real Estate Investors or small retail business entrepreneurs should purchase these ghost towns in the retail strip mall world. – (Location, location, location!!).

Egg Cracker Amazon Review Best and Worst

Reviews are Love and Hate

When I started Egg Cracker in 2006 no one was selling Egg Crackers. Since then EZ Cracker is in the game, Egg Cracker Minecraft is showing up, Egg Cracker Machine, Egg Cracker Topper, all sorts of devices and tools for cracking eggs. So I decided to post my Best and Worst Amazon Reviews of Egg Cracker.

The Best Review

I have a 11 year old who is severely mentally retarded. He loves to cook, but cracking an egg proves to be difficult for him to master. I bought this egg cracker so that he can learn to crack an egg. I looked on Amazon for various egg crackers and find this one to make the most sense, so I gave it a try.

It worked! After a few initial failed attempts (hit too gentle and the egg didn’t crack, hit too hard and it totally fell apart), my son is cracking eggs reasonably well such that I can let him do the cracking all by himself. So now when I need to make scrambled eggs, I just call my son over and he takes care of the cracking. Very nice to see him gain another skill!

My 6 year old with normal IQ has no trouble learning to use this egg cracker to crack eggs.

Now me, I’ve never had trouble cracking eggs, but now that I have this gadget, I never crack an egg without it! It does crack it much nicer. I do a lot of cooking and use it daily. You always need eggs, not just for scrambling, but also for cakes, pancakes, waffles, stir fried rice, kids’ breakfast — I’m cracking eggs all the time! You can crack eggs without the egg cracker, but this makes it so much nicer and neater. The egg yolk almost guaranteed to stay intact. It’s just a better and cooler way to crack eggs.

The clean up is a breeze. You can give it a quick rinse, but I just throw it in the dishwasher every night. Comes out spotless.

My husband at first made fun of “needing a gadget just to crack an egg,” but now I find him looking for the egg cracker whenever he needs to do it. It’s just nicer, you see? My whole family use this thing. It’s inexpensive, it’s never going to break (there’s no breakable part), it takes little space, and it’s easy to clean. Everybody who ever cracks eggs should get one!

The Worst:

This was an expensive waste of money .Sure it works just like the the edge of a pan or pot.

Both reviews are appreciated. Egg Cracker is discovered. Egg Cracker is for the whole family. Kiyah!!!

Martin Luther King’s Non-Violent Breakfast Recipe!

Happy Martin Luther King Day!

This is a Martin Luther King Breakfast recipe to promote Civil Rights, Living the Dream, and Equality. I came up with this breakfast recipe because of an unusual conversation with a co-worker. It’s an awesome breakfast because I get to use Egg Cracker for another purpose.

Recently I’ve been expressing to people Happy Martin Luther King Day. One woman that I shared the compliment with had a fantastic story to tell me about her grandchild and how much fun they were going to have this upcoming Martin Luther King Day. I was happy for her.


So naturally at work on Monday I shared the compliment of “Happy Martin Luther King Day,” with a co-worker. His sarcastic response made me become sarcastic in an instant. My replay left him more sarcastic and me even over the top sarcastic till finally I left the conversation not so happy for Martin Luther King. My next thought was that I shouldn’t compliment people I work with about the Civil Rights leader because it’s inappropriate in 2015.

It was 47 years ago he was shot and it still isn’t enough time for people to heal. Then I thought no way, my co-worker is a little off. He wasn’t even born when Martin Luther King died. He has a good job, two sons and a loving wife. Yep he’s should be happy hearing Martin Luther King Day Compliments with graciousness. So I made him wrong for not accepting my compliment. Nobody cares. I hope he laughs out loud when I show him this blog. He might request for me to remove this post that’s why I’m not telling you his name: Glenn.

I hope one day Martin Luther King Day compliments will have no restrictions to it like St. Patrick’s Day. Compliments are always accepted on St. Patrick’s Day even in bad faith. In closing this Martin Luther King Breakfast Recipe promotes accepting all compliments for Non-Violence remembering a great leader. Every time you feel sarcastic about accepting compliments make this Non-Violent Breakfast Recipe.

Non-Violent Breakfast Recipe

  1. Use the Original Egg Cracker and crack two eggs Sunny Side Up. Dojo Chef recognizes that Martin Luther King always saw the Sunny Side of life for humans and his practice of Non-Violence ergo Sunny Side Up.
  2. Next make some Grits. I can’t think of person that showed more grit and determination than a person who is hit and doesn’t strike back. Non-Violence again. Martin Luther King is America’s Gandhi.
  3. Black Beans with a little Sour Cream on top or the bottom, you choose. Black beans because they’re super nutritious and represent the obvious. A little Sour Cream on top or bottom because of all the good work the Kennedy’s did with Martin Luther King. Bottom line is white people and black people can love each other and thrive. If you doubt me then ask Derek Jeter of the New York Yankees what he thinks.
  4. Red and Green Salsa for the Eggs. This is to represent the Latino’s of the world.
  5. Martin Luther King Jr. Breakfast