Easy Egg Cracker Blogs

January 20, 2017

PNS Farms are the Champs of Eggs

Socrates said, “The Unexamined life is not worth living.” When starting the project of Egg Cracker I would never have thought how far the rabbit hole […]
August 5, 2016

It takes a Village for the Leopard

A Leopard Trapped in a 60 Foot Well. It took a village to rescue the Leopard. Made me think of the proverb, “It takes a village?” […]
July 26, 2016

Michael Jordan Broke His Silence

Basketball Legend Michael Jordan Speaks Up Recently NBA Legend Michael Jordan broke his silence about the police shootings in communities. People were given the opportunity to […]
April 3, 2016

Things to Consider To Build Your Own Small & Large Chicken Coop

Chickens Have Been Raised in a Chicken Coop for Eggs for Centuries Before starting to raise chickens it’s crucial to know some rules made by the […]
January 2, 2016

Chef King and the Golden Rice Bowl

Golden Rice Bowl King It was a raining day. I was going to the DMV to get my drivers licensed renewed in a new section of […]
May 14, 2015

What Can Golf show Tom Brady about Integrity

What is Integrity to a Professional Football Player? The PGA Players can show Tom Brady a thing or two about Integrity with Deflategate. First off every […]