About Easy Egg Cracker


Latest Egg Cracker the Best Kitchen Gadget for Your Home

How to use Egg Cracker

Easy like 1 – 2 – 3

Egg Cracker cracks uncooked eggs perfectly every time. No mess on the side of cookware plus stove tops. It’s very easy to use. All a person needs to do is to start using it all the time. Cracking eggs turns into a special moment in the kitchen. Egg Cracker is a habit forming kitchen gadget which transforms into an effective kitchen tool.

Product Specifications

Egg Cracker is about four inches high and three inches wide. It’s made from a Nylon dishwasher safe plastic and a stainless steel blade. Egg Cracker is a  company for the cutting edge. It’s even in our logo.

Latest Egg Cracker the Best Kitchen Gadgets for Your Home

It all started with cracking Eggs for breakfast one morning. I went to crack an egg and made a mess all over the side of the pan and stove top.  It was an “Ah-hah moment.” The prototype was built out of clay and the rest was history.

Egg Cracker design:

  • Simple
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Fun for everyone
  • A tool not a gadget
  • Heat resistant next to all cookware
  • Fried Egg’s, Sunny Side Up, Omelettes, or Quiche’s were never easier
  • Perfect for baking 
  • Reduced egg chips factor.
  • We recommend Eggs that are Humane Animal Farm Care stamp. Paying a little bit more for these types of eggs supports better living conditions for the hens.

Our research into the egg industry has been going for over ten years. The farm industry as a whole is very sad business. Animals are being abused beyond….words can’t describe the sickness. How can people love dogs and cats then turn around with a blind eye onto farm animals or fish? If you think a fish likes the hook in the mouth…then why don’t they jump into the boat from the hook? It’s called resistance. They’re fighting for life and your just having fun.  It’s time to make some script changes in our culture.

Glad to become a vegetarian 3 years ago. The mistreatment to farm animals is an easy enough reason. Farm animal abuse taking place today is so inhumane no one would wish it on the worst of enemy’s. The only eggs I eat now are the ones from PNS Farms. This is a great farm because none of the hen’s go to slaughter. We use the profits from Egg Cracker to promote Animal Rights and to upkeep this site. We welcome all brand and marketing ideas.