4 foot Shark talks to Grouper just like the movie “Aliens 2”

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4 foot Shark talks to Grouper just like the movie “Aliens 2”

Grouper Fish Compares to Aliens 2 Moive

Recently a viral video showed a grouper fish eating a 4 foot shark in one bite. I immediately thought of the movie Aliens 2. I said to myself this is one smart shark. To a shark, I’m sure we humans must look like the Aliens did in the movie. Both humans and aliens have a wicked purpose for killing. In the movie the humans die to hatch Aliens out of their chest and in real life Sharks die a slow death so humans can have soup. #stopsharkfinning

So the shark in the video is facing these three options:

1. Losing a fin for soup.
2. Becoming steak fillets for a Labor Day BBQ.
3. Or being stuffed for a restaurant or bar display.
As a result of this more than likely the sharks prefer none of the above. I’ll go out on a limb and say losing a fin and being left for a slow death at the bottom of the ocean is my least favorite, if I was a shark. This is the video of (Grouper eats 4ft shark in one bite)

At last we get a sense of what might be going through the mind of a 4ft shark near its death, “Shark fin soup sucks and kill me now.” This leads me directly to the movie, “Aliens 2,” where Private Vasquez and Gorman are surrounded by the Aliens. They have a choice to die at the hands of the Aliens and create little baby aliens by having them explode out of their chest or push the grenade button and blow up now. You don’t have to watch it to know the answer and if you do want to check it out go ahead and verify the outcome of

Vasquez and Gorman in Aliens 2:

I believe that the 4ft shark asked the Grouper to eat him and save this grotesque ending of slow death at the bottom of the ocean. In all honesty I think once the grouper gets away from the boat, it spit out the 4ft shark so it can have another chance at life. Either way, I was happy to see the sports fisherman lose a battle he knows he already dominates. I leave you with a quote from the legend himself.

leonardo da vinci

In Closing

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